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Tahsin S. Mohammad

Lead Photographer / Graphic Designer

Our Story

For the moments you cannot translate into words...

We are self-made brother/sister family duo with an eye for vision (hence the title "iVision Photography") that aims to capture the true essence of beauty through a lens.

Tahsin: I've always been a creative artist. Ever since I was a young boy, creating art has always been a past-time hobby of mine. As I grew older, I chose to follow in my own creative footsteps and thus became a full time graphic designer. I then thought to myself, "Why not do more, on my own free time?" When discussing my idea with my sister, I came to find out she was thinking of the same thing as well. We then decided to pursue the world of photography. When we received our very first client, and delivered the final album to them, their positive reaction reaffirmed why we absolutely have to pursue this! I cannot wait to reach new heights in our business, and I always look forward to bringing different client visions to life.


Safra: When my brother first came to me to discuss the prospect of starting a photography business, I thought it was a brilliant idea. I've always wanted to pursue a creative business, specifically with him, because I believed that with his creative brain, and my business brain, we'd be an unstoppable duo! It's been an amazing journey, from our first client to our 30th, every shoot has been an exciting one. For me, the best part is during the brainstorm moments of the shoot, where we can offer and share a variety of creative ideas with the client based on what everyone is comfortable with. 

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Safra Fairuz

Client Advisor / Chief Editor


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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